Building the Titanic

Hey guys!

My game I’m working on is set on the unsinkable ship!
So there’s interiors (inside ship), and exteriors (on deck). Also note that some interiors have windows into the exteriors.

Currently, I have some questions:

  1. How should I handle level streaming? Should I just get big chunks and define them as sublevels, or what?

  2. How do I put all the pieces of the interior together? Do I do something like the Automatic Wall for the walls/floor, or what?

  3. How should I make the huge exterior of the ship (the sides that go into the water)? A few massive meshes?

Any ideas would be awesome!!:smiley:

Thank God for UE4. This video is how I would takle that. This is easier in UE4 ?v=UuQ_2nayu9Y

Just watch all 10 or less. this show basic builder.

Never do it with BSP brushes! They are used for prototyping but not for an actual mesh (+ the titanic is too complex -> you cant create it with BSP’s) :wink:

  1. When the player isnt abel to see the entier ship, do with with large chunks -> so split it up into different parts and then stream them. The size of the parts will depend on the complexity/performance of the mesh that you are creating. Otherwise you could also just use LOD’s for your parts
  2. For such a mesh I personally would use “modular building” -> but then you always have to keep in mind that you shouldnt get too many draw calls! So you could also just create large meshes + put them together in the UE4
  3. just use meshes -> when the player can see them from the outside, they have to be detailed, otherwise they can also be cubes