Building same project on OSX and Windows

I posted a question earlier on a related problem in the C++ section but got no answers. So I am trying a more general question.

Does anyone have experience in setting up and developing the same project on both OSX and Windows? I created a project on OSX and checked it into my repo but I cant get it to work when checking it out on a windows7 system.

More specifically the problem seems to be that my project has some added c++ files (it is based on the firstpersonBP template and I have added a couple of C++ files) but is missing the basic files for Visual Studio setup. When I select the project in the launcher i get an error-popup saying it cant find the module “myproject” and i should make sure it exists.

Since the first C++ file was added on OSX the editor generated project files for xcode, but I cant get it to generate the needed files for Visual Studio. The windows file context menu “Create Visual Studio files” doesn’t do anything, and I’ve tried running the scripts manually which prints some messages about 100% generated files but nothing is generated.

Both OSX and win7 systems are set up correctly and builds UE4 projects nicely form source when the projects are created on the specific system.

Any pointers?