Building/Release for multiple headsets DK2/Vive/CV1

Hi, I have a couple of nice VR projects I have been sitting on for a while now and am dying to release however I have only been able to test them on a DK2 as I do not have
access to a Vive or Oculus CV1. I had applied for the first round of developers Vive’s a long time ago but I have not been lucky enough to be selected for one yet unfortunately.

It is really starting to hold my projects up now as I am in that annoying position of not wanting to release something that I am not sure if it works on other headsets and have to wait months
before a Vive/Oculus order turns up.

Can someone tell me what differences there are between building/packaging a project to work on CV1/Vive compared to DK2?. I don’t suppose it is as easy as just
releasing a version that I know works well on DK2, and it will already work on Vive/CV1?

For example will I need to package a version of my project to work on each headset or is there any crossover in compatability between the three as a project file?