Building lights and Real Time Rendering


I’m new to UE4 and game engines in general. I’ve only used little bit of CryEngine Free SDK.

In CryEngines editor, when you place an object into your world, it immediately gets shadows and you don’t need to build lights separately, as i see i need to do in UE4. I don’t understand why i need to do this? If i would make a game that has Day-Night-Cycle, why do i need to build lights, won’t they get rendered in-engine?

(And i don’t mean placing lights, just confused about this message in editor)

If you have your scene filled with dynamic lights, you don’t need to build. Most of the default lights in Unreal are stationary, meaning they do partially baked and partially dynamic shadows. If you set all your lights to “Movable”, you won’t get any warnings.

You need check the docs about light:

*Change the lights to dynamic because by default is set to static.

Thank you, StephaBon and Hevedy!