Building lightning only works on specific area

i have a problem with building lightning in my project. i have a point light above my character so it follows him as he walks. when i build my lightninh it seems to be only working in the starting area but not as i walk around. it lights all objects in the starting are but as i walk it ignores all other objectsand it dosent light them and they have same textures and same mesh.and it gives me the eror lightning needs to be rebuilt when i play it. what is this problem , please help.

There are two types of lighting in UE4.

  • Static (Lightmass)
  • Dynamic

Static lighting is need to be build and not changes in gameplay (well, except lightmap reloading, but it’s require completely different setup).

Dynamic lighting is not “baked” into geometry and can be moved. It has tho limitation on amount of light channels and it’s heavier on GPU load.

There’s also Stationary option, it’s the same as Static but brightness and color could be altered (it still won’t affect GI).

So for moving light it should be “movable”. It can’t be “baked”(build).

To rid of Lighting need to be rebuild warning You have to Build the Lighting:

You could find all the info on docs, here: Lighting the Environment | Unreal Engine Documentation

thank you. i cant belive i didnt notice this. just changed the light to ‘movable’ and all is fine. :slight_smile:

Good. Stuff like that may happen all the time. Please mark topic as resolved if it is.