Building Lighting wont get past 0%

Alright, so I have a medium to small sized forest map. It’s time to build the lighting but for some reason it wont get past 0%. The foliage seems to be causing the hangup but it shouldn’t, all of the assets are very optimized. I’ve tried watching numerous videos and replicated settings to no avail. But, I am new at Unreal so I could still be missing something, does anyone have any suggestions?

And, by the way, I am using a laptop with a 9th gen intel core, Nvidia gefirce gtx graphics card and 32 GB of Ram.

Have the foliages been placed through the foliage instanced tool, if not how much do they number in the scene (no of off foliages) , if placed through instanced foliage what are their resolution.

The process of figuring the pain point is to isolate which object is causing the issue and then solving mention in your question that you feel it is foliages , did u try removing them and baking ?

Scene still gets stuck.

I would advise you to remove and try to pinpoint the pain point.

I removed 100% everything and it baked properly. I also tried removing only trees and still wouldn’t bake and likewise with the grass.
Here’s a pic of my foliage settings.

why is it so quiet in here ? what should we do then ? i have the same problem .