Building Lighting with no light on the Scene


First of all, I’m very new with UE4.
The problem I have is that light builds far too long, 1% per 5 seconds and closes due to no memory (and I have a pretty powerful machine). I removed directional light, point light, lightmass importance volume I had, basically I removed all light, but it’s still building lighting! I tried to play with World Settings, set everything to minimum - no effect.
And for some strange reason, I still have walls with materials highlighted.

Is there anything I’m missing?
Thank you.

Have you set proper lightmap resolutions for your meshes(you may have entered a very high value for lightmap res. of one of your meshes accidentally and that can cause such issues even on powerful machines) and do you have a lightmass importance volume covering the playable area?

You want to go all dynamic and not bake any lighting?

In your world settings/lightmass there’s an option called ‘‘force no precomputed lighting’’. Tick it and build your project once to remove all lighting infos form the scene (takes 1 second).

For some reason, I don’t have a lightmap resolution option in my meshes. I had a small box of lightmass importance volume, but for testing purposes I removed it.

This actually did the trick, but it doesn’t really resolve an issue with lighting building without light sources.

Can that whole problem caused by migrated Berlin Flat assets built for UE4 4.8?