Building Lighting Takes ~24 Hours

I’m trying to build the Slum Mobile version of SoulCity in UE 18. I only have 25 unbuilt objects but it takes more than one day to build. I started building the map at 11 am yesterday and when I came home around 8 pm, it was not even at 50% yet. I did not modify the map in any way so it should be as is. I’ve been having problems like this with my own smaller maps where it takes too long to build.

All of CPU and most of my ram is being used up with this process so I’m wondering if an upgrade from an i5-6600k to an i7-7800k and add 8gb more ram (from 16) will make any difference or not?

I read somewhere that I should try enabling EnableStandaloneMode to true in Swarm settings and see if that helps but I don’t notice any difference.

You should check to see if the 25 objects are too complicated to build lighting with. There’s a color code you can use in the options under build/lighting to use error coding, and if the objects are too heavy to process they would be white or red I think. Try changing how advanced the materials you’re using are.