Building lighting stuck around 30% {Bug}

Hello every one i have had a problem like this but i fixed it i had no lightmass importance volume set but now i do i have a i3 with 1TB of Hard drive memory i also have this processor Intel Core i3_4030 1.90 GHz 64 bit windows 8 i have 8 RAM also a dual core processor its building at preview quality last time i built it it got to 31 then froze i debugged with Visual studios 2013 community it said this. The program ‘[10472] UE4Editor.exe’ has exited with code 255 (0xff). If you want the logs tell me! Or if you need any info from me ill tell you.

Just added more info!

Hi Matt27832 -

If you would not mind adding a copy of your DXDIAG to your post that can help us eliminate a few known issues. Also please have a look at our Swarm Agent Lightmass Troubleshooting guide and see if the solutions there can help you. It can be found here:

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Eric Ketchum

Where do i find my DXDIAG?

I found the application DXDIAG.exe where are the logs

Anyone else have a answer?

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Hello Matt27832 -

When you open the DXDIAG program, there is an option to Save All Information which will allow you to save the information as a txt file and you can upload that txt file here.

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Eric Ketchum

It says when i upload: No such upload

Wait here link text

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Hello Matt27832,

After looking at your DxDiag I have determined that your Build not persisting past 30% is due to the integrated graphics card you computer uses.

Other users have experienced similar issues with consistently running UE4. We recommend upgrading to at least an NVidia GTX 460 or an equivalent AMD card.

On lighter projects that do not tax your machine, your specs should work just fine. However, on higher end projects that require heavy calculation and is CPU/GPU expensive we recommend the above mentioned specs or as a benchmark for minimum requirements.

I realize that your graphics card is integrated and upgrading it is not a viable option. In which case I would recommend looking into our documentation for optimization of your project so it is not as heavy on your machine to build your lights.

This is the link for our documentation on optimizing and identifying where most of your memory is being allocated.

Thank you,

So i need a Nvidia 240 because even on a small project with just one block is still failing explain it to me like im 2nd grade

Hello Matt27832,

Looking through your DxDiag your graphic card version is, updated on 6/9/2014. There is an update on Intel’s site for your card that was released on 5/29/15. It’ s version is This will hopefully solve some of your issues and allow you to build lighting and handle some smaller less intense projects.

This is the link to the site. Download Intel Drivers and Software.

“Please download the .exe as it is intend for end users and not developers”

Even with this update our recommended hardware for using UE4 is still slightly above what you are running in your notebook so there will be some performance issues there. However, with this update hopefully you will be at least able to bake lighting and experiment inside of UE4.

Thank you,

it has error 404

nvm so zip or EXE?

So it said it wasnt valid with the version and this is the web support and it sent me to here Error Message: Computer Manufacturer Graphics Driver Detected

Hello Matt,

In the solutions section of the website you just linked. It says you may have to download the driver from your computer manufacturer’s website.

You mean the HP website I have a Hp envy 15

Hello Matt,

Did you figure out where to download it from? Did this fix your issue? Yes, as state above, your computer manufacturer’s website. So if you have an HP, then the drivers associated with your computer should be on HP’s website.