Building lighting stops working

I am a high school student who uses UE4 for Educational purposes, so please go easy on me if I make terrible mistakes.

My problem:
If i try to build my level, the “building lightning” pop up sticks at zero, and the editor won’t react to anything anymore, forcing me to close it.

My question:
Is this an error in the engine, or is there something wrong with my computer?

My specs:
CPU: AMD A10 5800K
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 770

Notable details:
1648 unbuilt objects (is this too much?)
Lots of foliage
Objects far from each other

I hope someone can help me with my problem

With many meshes in your level it could take a while till it builds -> click onto build - in the systray you can find a small yellow “swarm” icon - double click onto it - now a window appears - check if something is moving. Also make sure to wait a little bit -> e-g 20-30 mins :slight_smile:

Im using Unreal Engine 4.8.3.I have a problem but i think picture will tell it all.Basically when i build a scene or build light only unreal engine stop working.Any suggestions.Thanx in advance.

If you have lots of foliage, it’s possible that it crashes because you only have 8gb of ram. Better make the foliage dynamic and not let it be baked into lightmaps.

well i have only 4gb ram but default projects run smoothly when i play them.Can you explain a little bit your answers because im very very new to ue4.

-post your crash log -> documents/unrealproject/project/saved/logs
-what happens when you click build + just wait for a long time
-during the light process you need plenty of RAM and VRAM. So 4gb couldnt be enough for your level -> what happens when you build the light from the template map? :slight_smile: