Building Lighting on Streaming Levels - Need Help!


I have a scene with 13 levels. Its a scene of a country house in which I’m using level streaming.

I have all the lighting in the persistent level. No lighting in any other level. When I tried to build the lighting on production quality from the persistent level, 14 hours passed and had only about 20% done, and the editor became unresponsive.
I’m attaching the image of the swarm agent. My question is, what am I doing wrong or how should I go about rendering streaming levels?

1.Should I hide levels on the level panel and render a few a time?
2.Should I load a level and insert the same lighting setup I have on my persistent level and render each level or is it the same thing as just hiding the levels on the level panel?
3.Is there a video tutorial somewhere I haven’t found yet about rendering the streaming level the right way or can you give me some input about how to do it.

I have an i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz with 32GB of RAM 960m Nvidia card.

Best regards.

  1. try to place lights in the same level with geometry it affects.

  2. use lightmass importance volumes

  3. if you use directional light that affects whole world, place it in persistent level, but try to build every stream level separately:

  • make persistent level visible
  • make one of the stream levels visible
  • build
  • save only stream level and hide it
  • after all, hide all stream levels and build only persistent.

you will see that hidded levels wants to save, but do not do that.

  1. in case directional light is not affects all streaming levels, like caves, sewers, or even hell, build that levels separately, maybe with their own main level.
    it means that if hell location consists of 10 streaming levels, make some main level for them, where all streaming scripts and other shared stuff exist. edit/build in that level, and just add this 11 levels to your main persistent level, but not build in there.

  2. if you have STATIC (not STATIONARY) light that affects geometry from different levels, and you can build them separately, so duplicate that light for both levels.

  3. If there are few computers in your local network, use them for distributed build with swarm agents and coordinator.

Hope this information would be helpful.

Thank you redbox. I will try your approach from point 3.

I dont’ have many lights in the scene. Just 2 directional lights and lots of lightmass portals and postprocess volumes to drive all the lighting inside the house.
One directional light is stationary with lightmass and the other one is movable without lightmass (mostly for sun effect).

So just to make sure what to do. I bake all the lighting from all levels but when hidden levels want to save after I render the persistent level do I close the project?


Just reopen persistent level )