Building Lighting: How To Speed Up?

I’m having great trouble building my lighting for my scene in Unreal. I’m not using any additional lights other than the sky sphere blueprint, the light source & sky light that gets provided to you at the start of a project. My PC is plenty powerful to be able to handle Unreal.

Is there anything I can do that can speed up the process because it sits at 0% for way over 10 minutes before it increases at all.

Depending on how big your map is and how much stuff is in it, if there is a lot of things for the lighting to be rebuilt, it will take a substantially longer ammount of time to build the lighting.

One thing that can help is placing Lightmass Importance Volumes in your level, this will essentially tell the engine to concentrate the lighting on these areas, some more information on them can be found here: Lightmass Basics | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hope that helps.

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