Building light stucks at 99%

In a particular scene i cant build lights. It stucks at 99%

Since its a simple vizualisation wich is spinning an a touchscreen I can live with having my lights unbaked but how do i get rid of “LIGHTING NEEDS TO BE REBUILT” in upper corner.

Thanks in advance

Hey kalasjnikov,

Can you tell us your system specs and OS? You can attach your dxdiag if you’re on PC or go to About This Mac > More Info if you’re on a Mac.

Does this happen in every project? If you open a new project, does same thing happen? Are you using 4.2? Did this happen in earlier builds?


Hi ,
Attaching dxdiag.txt as requested. Win7Ultimate
Building light works fine in all other projects so far. All object are imported from 3dsMax as Fbx2014.
Yes 4.2…
I haven’t tried to build it in another scene because there is so many different objects to setup…

I need to get this up and running ASAP. Its maybe not necessary to build light. Is there a way just to remove the “LIGHTING NEEDS TO BE REBUILT” message?


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If this is only happening in one project, it’s likely one of your meshes that is causing issue. If you can narrow it down to responsible mesh(es), we can take a look at it on our end and see what’s causing lighting build to hang up like that.

There is currently no way to hide Lighting message, but it should only appear when Playing in Editor, and should not transfer over to a packaged product.

Allrighty then, thanks mate!!

Did you find out what happened? What kind of errors could cause this?