Building Light Causes Unreal Editor to Crash, Freezes At Exporting Light Data 100%

Hi All,
I seem to have a problem with building light data in unreal engine 5.0.0 Early access 2
when I click on build lighting it takes 10 mins to build and then when it says building light data 100%, it just freezes. the only way I can stop it from freezing is if I go to the task manager and manually kill the task, which I don’t think is healthy for my project. when I do go to task manager, I see that it is consuming 5gb of my memory.

Crash Log, I dont have any crash log, i am not too sure about any other logs

My Specs:

CPU: Intel i5 10th Gen
GPU: Gtx 1650
RAM: 16GB DDR4 Ram 1333Mhz

Hi @OccultMCC,
I had similar problems I fixed them here
Visual Studio 2022 Preview is 64 bit Compile Lighting locally
You can use this on any UE5 source version as well.

You may need to add a 64GB pagefile.sys, which I documented in
Install a bigger pagefile.sys
using 5GB is quite normal . I have once used 12GB during project conversion