building level removes foliage?

When i build my level all the foliage that i painted disappears. what am i missing?

If you’re using 4.7, that happen to me too, but are you waiting for the build to be complete? Because that fixes it for me

actually no im using 4.6 and the lighting build finishes but its still gone.

Are you trying to build it on top of a BSP mesh?

  1. make sure that nothing is under the terrain (when you use a landscape)
  2. is the same happening when you paint it onto a mesh/BSP/terrain + build?
  3. which kind of meshes do you paint? -> what kind of material setup :slight_smile:

Hey Wstimson,

This is currently a known issue and the fix has been implemented in the 4.7 preview.


Andrew Hurley

ah thanks andrew and yeah it was on bsp, mostly trying to see how the foliage looked with proper lighting. but thanks andrew cant wait till 4.7