Building in VR for VR - Mars Home Planet

Hello Unrealists!

I wanted to share with you my latest adventure:

As some may know, I’m a VR Editor super fan, I try to do as much as I can in VR.

So, in order to create this proposal for HP Mars Home Planet : #30daysinVR WhiteLabel #MARS101 Initiative / Terraforming + Space Elevator + Modular Settlements - YouTube

I decided to use our beautiful VR Editor, and this is a backstage:

I used VIVE Pro (and I managed to literally consume one of Vive Controller’s trackpad upper right corner, the one you use to pop out content browser)

Many treat me as crazy for using the VR editor for production, but this time I really found a big advantage: building in VR for VR such a big scene, I had direct, realtime feedback on FPS, this helped me a lot with optimization. The time “lost” was regained by having a zero-surprise WYSIWYG experience developing and deploying the project.

Anyone else using intensely the VR editor? Please get in touch! I’d love to share experiences and ideas!

All the best,


I like it. Half way through a game me and my son were working on, which was 1st / 3rd person we decided to switch to vr dev.

We recently found out we could develop in vr and when we asked for help on Reddit they told us it was not practical.

Well maybe not for them but what about the person who likes to be in vr.

​​​​​​I’m looking to make an abandoned colony in space in vr. A scary one