Building different configs/targets with GUBP


I want to compile two different configs (Development/Shipping) and two different targets (Game/Server) in one GUBP run. Is that possible, and what’s the command line to do so?

Platform is Win64. I would also be interested in some basic documentation about GUBP.


GUBP is quite difficult to customize for that sort of thing, but you might have some luck with overriding GUBP_GetConfigs_MonolithicOnly() from your .target.cs file.

We’re in the process of replacing GUBP with an XML-scripted build process called BuildGraph. That should make it a lot easier to customize what gets built, and how.


thanks for the answer, we will not look into GUBP then. But I have seen that UAT MegaXGE could do what we want. Is it still supported, do you use it in-house?


Yes, we still use MegaXGE.

Just wondering if there’s any documentation about MegaXGE? :wink:

Thanks in advice,

Just the standard UAT help (pass the -help parameter on the command line). Typical usage is like this:

RunUAT.bat MegaXGE -Target1=“MyGame Win32|Win64 Debug|Development|Shipping” -Target2=“UnrealPak Win64 Development”

Which would compile MyGame in all the listed configurations for Win32 and Win64, and UnrealPak in Win64 Development configuration.