Build VR doesn't work in 4.13.2/4.14/4.14.1


I tried to build my VR game this morning, but it doesn’t work. The build itself works but when I run the .exe, the VR does not activate. I am not new to UE4 and VR. So I tried something.

I did the same thing on 4 versions of the engine: 4.11 / 4.13.2 / 4.14 / 4.14.1

I created an empty scene and I just added a blueprint which contains a camera with an auto possess player to 0. On 4.11, it works perfectly (editor and build). But on the other versions of the engine: 4.13.2 / 4.14 / 4.14.1, this works perfectly in the editor but not the build.

Did I miss something ? Can it come from steamVR ?

ps : Sorry for my english

In your Project settings there is an option called Start in VR. Check that on and your project should start in VR. Or you could put -VR as a command line argument in the shortcut to your projects .EXE.

Whoo, I had not seen the “Start in VR” in the project setting. I used the command -fullscreen and it worked in 4.11. Thank you Sam Deiter, my VR Game work !

Glad you got it sorted! Let us know if you have any more issues.