Build quality reduction in Oculus VR mode.

Hi there fellow VR travellers.

Was wondering if I am missing something fairly obvious here but after a building a scene (usually a large landscape surrounded by water) I notice that nice touches like reflections on the water disappear after I go into Oculus mode. I can replicate it in windowed mode by enabling stereo in the command line (stereo on). I thought it may have had something to do with the number of Sphere reflection capture objects and/or placement but I don’t think it is seeing as when I first see the world after I press “Play Standalone Game” I see all of the reflections in the windowed mode.

Anybody know what’s going on here? Such a shame to be missing out on all of the sweet Unreal Engine 4 eye candy whilst fully immersed in the VR world.

Thanks in advance


No, its simply that engine both the engine and Rift software are both works in progress.
Things will improve over time.

We don’t currently support screen space reflections in stereo mode. It’s a super expensive effect!

Normal scene capture reflections should work fine though.

A couple of other things that don’t yet work: distortion and beam emitters.

We’re pretty excited about the possibilities for VR and I’ve personally been spending a lot of time working with it. I promise that I’ve been harassing our poor programmers to get these kinds of things working, but they’re busy folks! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see some of the cool stuff you guys come up with!


Thanks for enlightening me Nick (and Kris).

This news is not surprising I guess seeing as the engine has just been released to the masses. The fact that some features as you mentioned aren’t supported right now does not bother me so much now that I know you are dabbling with VR and you are pushing it’s case internally.

Just like to once again thank you and your whole Epic team for this great opportunity to delve into these new worlds and for particularly having Oculus support at the outset to allow us to truly step into our new dimensions and creations.

I’m waking up every day with a smile on my face at the potential possibilities.


Is this “no consumer will have this level of hardware so let’s disable it” expensive? Or “you’d need Quadro pros” to pull this off expensive?

It was a “it just hasn’t been made to work in stereo yet”

With a little bit of “…and when you’re struggling to hit 75hz, It will be the first thing on the cutting room floor!”


Hello, I’m trying to work with a reflective floor and so have the effect of reflections turning off when Stereo On is enabled. I’m confused as the Realistic Rendering demo HAS reflections in rift mode. how is that possible ?


Matt Hermans

Those are probably just not screen space reflections, I can go double check. As Nick stated “We don’t currently support screen space reflections in stereo mode… Normal scene capture reflections should work fine though.”

Round of applause… :slight_smile:

Please keep harassing them, VR is where 90% of my (and probably many UE4 subbers) future development lies.

Hi, any news up there ?
I’ve got similar issue with a water material (reflections not displayed), and I am looking for informations.
I have an oculus DK2 and am working on 4.11.2.