Build Procedure References name of a separate project UELinkerFixups.cpp.obj : error LNK2019

Hi, I’m trying to build a project of mine and the build keeps failing due to “UELinkerFixups.cpp.obj : error LNK2019”.

The function this error comes from is “void __cdecl EmptyLinkFunctionForGeneratedCodeAxonPlugin(void)”. AxonPlugin is the name of a completely separate project on my computer, I am thoroughly confused as to how my project even knows the other one exists. There are no files in my project directory that mention the name “AxonPlugin”, I searched for it in my project folder and my VS2015 solution and found nothing. I’ve that some people have fixed this error by modifying IMPLEMENTED_MODULE macro calls, but none of the ones I can find reference the name “AxonPlugin”.

Here’s my build output:

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Hey -

Are you trying to build the project inside Visual Studio or are you trying to package the project through the editor? If any files or assets were migrated from your original project then there could be an error with redirectors looking in the wrong place. If you right-click on the Content folder inside the Content Browser you can select “Fix-up Redirects” to update the project. You may also want to right click on the .uproject file and select “Generate Visual Studio project files” as a safe guard.


I’m trying to build and package the project in the unreal editor. The code compiles fine in visual studio for development editor, but fails for development.

Neither fixing redirectors nor re-creating the VS project have solved this problem.

So I fixed the issue by disabling the oculus rift plugin.

In the AxonPlugin project I have, I recently added support for an oculus camera, and apparently adding support in that project changed some reference in their plugin that made building with that plugin impossible in other projects.

This is actually a really serious issue. But for now everything works, and I’m pretty sure I know what folder to delete if we ever need support for the oculus in two projects.

I figured it out, please see my answer below.