Build not rendering in Oculus


our last attempts to launch in Oculus are producing a rather strange, new behaviour: the game is not rendered at all inside the HMD, but is still visible on the monitor, where is rendered like the framerate would be dropping hard - but checking “stat fps”, we can instead understand that the framerate is rock solid.

So: nothing inside Oculus, game slowed down on the monitor, framerate is still solid.

Previously the game was built and ran in VR with no issues whatsoever.

What could be wrong now?
We’re using UE 4.17 and Oculus DK2. Also, this happens on at least two different machines.

Thank you.

Solved it.

For all the other unlucky ones that like me have fallen into the depths of this evil bug: it was the function “Set Splash Screen”. I had to replace it with the Oculus-specific function “Add Loading Splash Screen”. Apparently Oculus doesn’t like the VR-generic version, even tough I suspect is DK2’s fault. The splash screen was working fine playing in editor, but the build was suffering of the above problem.