Build lightning only takes forever

I like to build lightning every 20 minutes or so to see how my creation looks, but now when i added like 10 trees, it is just stuck at 0%. The trees i added are from “Open World Demo Collection”

Build times depend on many factors.

  • Your CPU
  • Level size
  • Number of actors
  • Complexity of the actors
  • Lightmap sizes on the actors
  • Lighting build quality

i have got it once as well. the first 0 to 1 percent takes like a minute but when it starts it takes off like crazy. so then from 1 to 100 gets done in 30 seconds. and i gotta say. the trees from the open world demo are quite detailed and therefore will be more difficult for your pc to process. also make sure that you are not building lighting at a too high preset.

I have just moved our major project from 4.15 to 4.16 and I can also conclude the Build Light is broken in some way !

4.15 takes about 2 mins… 4.16 … i gave up after 15 minutes and still sat on 0%

I have reduced setting down to preview and still NADA !!

Will have to go back to 4.15 for now…and wait for a fix !

FANTASTIC… the latest update has fixed the Light Building issue… nice work guys !

It looks like with 4.16.2 its broken again… wtf.