Build lighting stuck at 99%

So I’m using UE 4.8 and my lighting build is stuck at 99%. It’s been stuck like that for a few days now and it’s showing no sign of completing. I did have a virus before but I ran multiple virus scans and malware scans and they’ve all detected nothing but for some strange reason the lighting just refuses to build. So what’s going on?

Do you have a lightmass importance volume around your scene? this can help with building the light.

I don’t need something that will help with the lighting build, I need the lighting build to finish because I’ve had the computer on for 2 days and it’s still at 99%.

This issue is well known and has been marked as fixed in 4.10. Can you test this in the preview and verify that it works for you?

Well I’m still using version 4.8 because a plugin always stops working even though the maker of the plugin says it was updated to work for the later versions. I’ll try to use the preview and see if the plugin works.

lol too bad