Build Lighting Stuck at 83%

I’ve just created a test project and decided to build it. It builds, but when it gets to lighting, it gets up to 83% and doesn’t continue. Any thoughts? This happened to a previous project of mine for which I took my models and blueprints and stuck them in the new project and there’s still a build lighting problem. Also whenever I apply materials to my models, they don’t work and the shaders never compile either. Is this a sign of anything user error related? (Now that I think about it, I didn’t UV Wrap my models in Blender so that could be the shader issue but I’ll do some research on that later).


I’m getting stuck at 83% too. All I have is one of the default projects and 2 meshes I imported in, and as far as I can tell everything is kosher with them. Not really sure what’s going on - I’ll let it build for an hour and see if it does anything but hopefully this isn’t a 4.9 bug. Imported meshes are from Blender.