Build lighting stuck at 0% in exporting scene phase

There are a lot of similarly named questions here and most of them focus on the time taken in actual lighting computations. But I’m stuck in exporting scene phase perpetually as shown in the attached images. I’ve tried a few suggestions here like setting light map resolutions within 1024 px, deleting “saved” folder inside project and restart the editor, allowing unreal engine and swarm agent in firewall but none of them worked for me.
While the lighting build is stuck the editor is freezed.

I’ve tried starting swarm coordinator manually then it seems to able to connect to it and swarm coordinator sees the swarm agent, but the issue remains same.

I’m using engine build 4.21.2, my processor is AMD Ryzen 2700X and NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB video card.

Can someone give me a solution for this problem?

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