build lighting in raytrace mode?

Should I “build lighting” when using ray-tracing?
Because I have a feeling that my reflection are not showing up on my metallic materials even with a reflection probe in the scene?

Ray tracing is (usually at least?) real-time, not baked.

That said if your reflection captures are not using Raytracing and/or your materials are falling back on reflection captures, then building reflection captures May help…

There is also a general fallback for when no reflecrion capture provides a texture I believe. But generally if you are using properly set raytracing reflections those aren’t required. They act as a fallback for when raytracing is disabled if you build for it.

and I guess raytrace reflection is only enabled in the camera?

From docs:


The settings are sprinkled around. Search for reflection on that page and go enable the relative result.

The important part is this one, and you can control those settings via a post process volume:

For every material and pixel, that have a roughness lower than what is set in “Max Roughness” will use raytraced reflections, materials/pixels with roughness above that will use reflection captures. It´s for performance reasons, and noise reduction, that usually comes with very rough materials and low samples for raytraced reflections.