Build from Blank Project

I probably just need help finding good guidance to answer these questions, but Google has not been my friend on this.

I have been messing around with a very simple game done in Blueprints for a few weeks, so I’m just starting to understand a little about UE4. I’m a veteran C# / VB .Net business applications programmer, but I’m quite new to C++; I want to learn C++, however, because I think I could work more easily in it than the Blueprints once I get comfortable with it.

My first question is that I would like a tutorial that shows how to build something from a blank project template in C++. I’ve tried using the puzzle template for my game, but I believe that may still be a little bloated. Also, and this is question 2, the classes that the puzzle template creates are prefixed with the name of the project. I tried changing one of these but it blew up something in external dependencies. Is this naming convention something that I should follow even if starting with a blank project template?

Any links to resources would be appreciated.

Wish you had found the answer before seeing this, me from U3D in late 2015, and have been working on game-devs with UE4. And you may find my comments(answers) to your questions:

  1. Tweaking projects from UE4 template projects about First Person Shooting and Third Person Shooting in both Cpp and Blueprint forms. Next, you may refer Shooter Game from Learning column on Unreal Launcher to figure out how to work between Cpp and Blueprint.
  2. You should mainly get answers from Epic official documentation on reflection system of UE4, UE4 framework (gamemode, player controller, player pawn, player state, game state and level blueprint), as well as the quick guide for programmers.
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