Build for Quest always has debuggable set to true. Cant upload.

I’m trying to build a deploy test app for Oculus Quest store and whatever I am trying, the resulting Android manifest for the app has ‘debuggable’ flag always set to true and because of this, the Oculus Developer dashboard wont accept the build.
Yes, I have set the ‘for distribution’ flag in my project settings and the launch tool also is set to use Shipping and By the Book deployment.
I also tried overriding this setting by setting the debuggable flag as an additional device activity in the project settings, but it just complained that it’s a duplicate and wont build.

I am using latest 4.25 Oculus UE4 branch. NDK version 21, SDK version 25 with target 26. (This is also strange because the Oculus docs say that the Quest is running 8.0(26), but when I try hardsetting it, the build will fail stating that the device is running an older version (25).
I have searched far and wide for everything related to this, but the only thing that really seems to help people is the ‘For Distribution’ flag in the packaging settings, which I have also set. To re-iterate - manifest in the intermediate still clearly states that my debuggable is set to true.

Otherwise I have also reinstalled my Android studio from scratch and re-set the android development suite just to make sure all the versions are correct, because I was using the latest Android Studio, but the documentation states it should be 3.5.3, but this changed nothing.

I will now attempt to create another empty project and build that with the same engine version, then if that does not work, I will just install the official latest engine and try the same.

Pls help.

Progress edit:
I went into UnrealBuildTool → UEDeployAndroid and hardcoded the ‘debuggable’ flag to false. This now produces a manifest with a correct value, however the upload to Quest developer dashboard still fails. I tried the native tool and the UE editor tool.
The error that keeps happening is: Android SDK version is 26, but should be 25 or lower (sdkVersion in AndroidManifest.xml).
I have tried reinstalling the android sdks, resetting through AndroidTools, trying all kinds of combinations ndk/sdk in the Android SDK editor settings, trying to set the version through code, but nothing works, even though all the editor settings are set to 25. 26 is not used anywhere.

Currently I’m distributing my app to testers manually through an .apk that they sideload through SideQuest. This is of course not optimal, as they have to enable developer mode in their hmds.

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Did you solve this?