Build Error: Value for 'keystore' is not valid?

Hi guys,

Every time I try to package my game on Andriod ETC2 I get build failed however I can get my game to install using adb and everything works but this doesn’t get me my apk, I am using the top down example so there shouldn’t be any issues there. I tried doing a little research on this error but still no joy. The error I’m getting is

The following error occurred while
executing this line:
D:\android-sdk-windows\tools\ant\build.xml:1147: Value for ‘keystore’ is not valid. It
must resolve to a single path

Which is then folloed by

ERROR: cmd.exe failed with args /c
release -Djava.source=1.7

This is how I have my SDK setup


This is how I have my keystore setup

Things I’ve tried:

-Deleting android-sdk-licence then re-accepting it in Unreal

-Deleting the keystore and recreating a new one with cmd

-Unchecking the Enable Gradle instead of Ant