Build Command Exited with Code -3

When I build the debugger exits with code -3 for some reason and all of the variable become red as well I don’t know if it is the build command path or what. But any help would be appreciated. I recently moved visual studio to a different location reinstalled it. I don’t know why these errors popped up. Here are some photos of the errors themselves.

It says system cannot find path specified.
I recently moved the Epic Games Launcher from it’s default Path does this have anything to do with it.

The Editor can also compile the code just fine it is VS studio’s build tool and debugger that is acting up.
Also it says here that coreminimal.h cannot be opened.

Exit code just mean you didn’t compile.

You should prove full build log to help us.

I updated the problem.

Underneath that text it says project build failed and That the build exit with code 3-.

This problem is somewhat similar to my problem.

I edited the Build Command Path in NMake within the project configuration setting in MSV I changed the command path to
D:\UE4.26\UE_4.26\Engine\Build\BatchFiles\Build.bat (This also applies to the clean tool to the rebuild tool and the output tool for when ever you move your engine change the build path to the new bat location). I changed the Engine Location. So I guess I have to change the build command path to whichever new location it is if I ever move the engine to a new location. I still have the "coreminimal.h" errors though which sucks. I figured this out by looking at the output log saying “System could not find the path specified.” I guess meaning that the system could not find the Build Command Path Specified I guess.