Build a TEAM for SWORDS ARENA Multiplayer Project

Oh nice tiger, made by yourself?

Hi Luftbauch !
Nope, we found it on the net, when we find a 3D artist, we will modify this model and make it better.
Actually i’m making some test to animate the Tiger, but it’s quite hard to make the right moves on this kind of 4 feets animal, at least the pose i made look natural.
The Tigers are NPC in border of the Arena that will attack the players if they come to close of the border.
When time goes the chain of the tigers will go more far to spice the fight.
Cheers !

Here the news !

  • Panda3drt Project Management/Producer use to work for Mortal Combat X, Civilisation and Xcom. + 3D Modeling, 3D Scaning, Texturing, UE4, etc… skills.
    Join us.
  • A GF will do the Story for us, here her cool blog (please clic like and send to your friends to help her, she will appreciate for sure :slight_smile:
  • We master these technics : Character animations without mocap or mixamo, Fit clothes with character animations, use Apex on clothes, Swords and others particulars collisions, NetWork 1 VS 1 players without lag.

Please answer this Poll Quick questions (Juste boxes to check, less than a minute)
Should we do a How to build a game tutorials ??
How to build a game tutorials

Also feel free to answer on this Forum, what do you think of the logo i made ?
What to change, advices, etc…
Any free volunteer to build a better one ??


Your help is precious, thanks for reading !

Cheers !

Network tests

Why do you have members displayed on front page that “will not join the project” :slight_smile: Just a bit funny isnt it?

Other than that good luck, looks solid concept.

Hey janpec !
I wanted to be transparent about what’s going on, but you right, who cares ^^
I remove it, thanks for notice and thank you for your encouragement \o/

Looks like they cheers you :wink:

This appear to be a logo of a festival or something like that, for me it not a logo that show “ohhh this is a team”.

You are totaly right Matter_Programmer ! It doesn’t look enough like a game team logo.
i’m also not satisfied with the result -.- i’ll work harder on the logo when i got time…

If any 2D artist is interested to help could be great !

Boobs in progress… Oops ! Crowd in progress :smiley:

Quick animations will be done to test the gameplay then i’ll perfect it…

Someone can list some good websites or forum to find 2D or 3D artist please ???
Help us Zeus will bless you :slight_smile:

i smell a rat

What you mean Sir_Winston ?

Flip back testing animation
Now doing quickly all the draft animations to test the gameplay, when it’s done in september we will start the final steps.

Testing the team logo, what do you think guys ?

For concept art if you’re willing to pay commissions based then have a look at my portfolio:


oki MezioPleo i’ll contact you :slight_smile:

What about these ?
From left to right wich one do you prefer ?

Personally i like this one

Finally this one, what do you think ?

Still in hollydays, we are looking for 2D and 3D artist and animator for the tigers and other npc’s and stuff.
The serious works start in september !

Welcome to our new member Shane_Valentine Music Composer, portfolio Stream Shane_Valentine music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

We are looking for 3D and 2D artist to join our team

Is the network developer position still up?

We handle well network features allready but ill message you to know all your skills

Still need 3d artist ?