buggy text display in dropdown lists

I am seeing a lot of stretched buggy text display in dropdown lists:


Mac Pro 2013 with FirePro D700.

Hey cgbeige,

Can you tell us your full Mac specs? Is this still happening for you? Does it occur in every project? Thanks!

ya, it happens constantly. I’m on OS X 10.9.3 13D21 (beta) with FirePro D700

Have you tried running the editor in 10.9.2 with the same results? The editor has not been fully tested on 10.9.3 and this may be an issue with that OS.

unfortunately, I can’t since I need a fix for another program and I can’t downgrade.

I’d like you to try something that might possibly work while we look into this further. Go to Edit > Editor Preferences > Miscellaneous and use the Reset UI Layout button. This resets the Slate settings and may effect the dropdowns as they are part of the Slate system.


that didn’t fix it.

Any news on this? It’s really getting in my way

Hey cgbeige,

We were able to reproduce this issue and have entered it into our database. I’ll let you know if we find a workaround for it. Thanks for the report!

Ben Halliday

any ETA on a fix for this? I literally can’t import anything today because I get this:

Bueller? Did you guys take a vacation? I’ve got a bunch of critical bugs like this that are constantly getting in the way but no ETA on a fix. I just spent the last five minutes clicking around the dialog trying to get it to work but it’s all messed up and looks like this.


I’m still seeing this in 4.1 - it’s killing me here

I wasn’t able to reproduce this particular problem on my 2013 Mac Pro in the lead-up to 4.2, but we’d already made a number of changes to window handling before I got to it. There was a small problem in 4.2 that could cause windows to temporarily appear stretched and I have already fixed that in Main ready for the next release, but that shouldn’t cause this more permanent problem.

If you could give 4.2 a go and tell me if you still have the problem and if so exactly how you can reproduce it that’d be great. If you can’t repro, then better still!