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Unreal Editor for Fortnite

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I have a game ready, with several cinematics that move objects across the map, functioning as obstacles for players to cross.

The bug that happens on my map is:
When I start a game, in a Private Version, everything works perfectly for all the other players who joined me, but players who join after the Start Game do not see the animations in their proper places.

Example: I have a cinematic with a car passing from left to right with a damage volume stuck in front of it, this cinematic is in a loop, and whenever I go through that path I need to avoid that car with the damage volume.
Works perfectly for me as a single player or for others who joined me together at the beginning of the game
However, for those who enter after the Start Game (people can enter in progress on my map). The car will be in a completely different position than it actually is, so the amount of damage will be too, so the car appears in a position (A) for a player who was already on the map from the beginning, but for another player who enters with the start in progress, the car will be in position (B). Making it impossible for him to complete the map because it becomes impossible to pass certain locations on the map without knowing where the car actually is (Or any other object, the map has several cinematics in this style and they all contain this bug)

Explaining visually:
Player 1: Joined at the beginning of the game
Player 2: Entered with the game already in progress

  • = Damage Volume.
    X = Location where the player would be eliminated if hit

1: >>>>>>CAR-X>>>>
2: >>>CAR->>>X>>>>

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So far the only option I’ve found to fix this problem would be to not allow players to enter while the game is already in progress, but that would be TERRIBLE for the experience on my map.

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In testing so far, it was the only thing that worked.



The status of FORT-757610 incident has been moved from ‘Needs Triage’ to ‘To Do’.

Is this still happening @OPzera?