[BUG] Windows 10 latest preview, no context or main menus show up

On latest preview of Windows 10, there a no menus showing up. Either from main menu bar or context menus in graphs.

I’m using latest version from github master branch, but also tested on several binary versions from launcher.

This problem is most likely not related directly to Unreal, as several other people also have the same issues, with latest windows 10 preview.

What seems to be an issues is that menu is not rendered. In blueprint graph, you can still select items from menu (even though is not visible), by typing name and pressing enter.

Posting it here mainly to give you guys a hint, that something doesn’t work, and so you can route it to Microsoft more efficiently than we can :slight_smile:

Hello iniside,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We’ve gotten a few reports about this issue. I’m pointing everyone towards this thread as this is where we have the most information. I’m currently working on getting the hardware/software needed to test this myself, but from what one user is saying, it seems to be a problem other other programs as well so it may be on Windows’ side.

As a workaround if you’d really rather not revert to an earlier version, moving the current window after clicking something that would make a context menu appear will make it appear.

Have a nice day!