BUG: UE4 has no "make asset unclickable"

if you click on asset in 3d viewport by accident, the outliner shows you the asset. and now i can scroll up 10000 items to find my directional light.

  • Undo to reselect the light?
  • Make temporary Outliner filter by writing the name of the asset you are looking for into Search bar
  • Use folders to keep Outliner tidy.
  • Use shift+click on the little arrow before folder/levelName icon (Outliner) to close/open all sub-folders recursively.
  • Sort assests into several files and load them as sub-levels (Window/Levels). You can lock each sub-level to prevent its content from being selected (lock icon)

If you hav folders, and click by accident in the viewport on a mesh they all get opened to their maximum and then you got a mess ;D