[Bug] Texture preview stops updating if you change the compression type more than once.

This is a really easy issue to replicate, simply import a texture with the default settings then open it in the texture viewer.

Once opened, change the compression type to Grayscale, then to Alpha, then to something else like Default. You’ll notice that it no longer shows you changes made to the texture by the different compression types.

This is quite important for me as a lot of my grayscale textures sometimes look better with alpha, but I can’t go back to grayscale to decide which compresses/looks better. Even if you re-open the texture, the changes still don’t show.


Thank you for providing the video, I now see the issue and was able to replicate it with a texture that comes with the editor. I’ve informed our developers of the issue and created a new bug in our database for tracking.

Good catch on this one and please let us know if you find additional issues.



Awesome! Thanks Wes :smiley:

Hello James,

I’ve attempted to replicate your issue by importing several different textures, however I was unable to reproduce it successfully.

Does this issue occur when you attempt this on a texture that comes with the editor, for example: DrySand_D or is it only when importing a texture?

Also, would it be possible to provide a video of the issue or the texture sample you are using through the FTP so we can see it on our end?



Hi Wes, I’ve only tried it on my Grayscale FX textures at the moment, as the effect is more-obvious on the darker areas which get more compression artefacts… I hope this video still shows the issue!

(I’ve attached it to the FTP under the folder ‘James_Baxter’ in case this link doesn’t work, hope this helps!


This also isn’t just specific to this UAsset, indeed most of my FX textures seem to get the same treatment.I’ve also noticed that upon saving and re-opening the editor, the preview is exactly the same. It’s almost as if it’s not re-compressing from the source file when I change the settings.