Bug Submission Form Issues

**Hi folks,

It has come to our attention that some are experiencing bugs/errors with the bug reporting submission system. We have taken steps to try and reproduce the reported issues but have been unable to do so.

We understand how frustrating this can be when you’ve spent valuable time filling out the form in the hope of getting a solution for not only you but the community too. Finding a solution to these errors will help make sure we receive your reports.

If you have been experiencing problems with the bug reporting form, please provide as much relevant information as possible regarding the issue and steps to reproduce it (if applicable). Here are some questions to consider;**

  • **What browser are you using? **
  • **What operating system are you using? **
  • **Are you trying to attach any file types, if so, which? **
  • **If attaching files, how large are these files? **
  • **If any, what error message is displayed? **
  • **What timezone/time did you attempt submission? **
  • What language is your computer set to?

**For those unaffected by bug report errors, please continue using the bug submission form.

Thank you! **

The error appears to affect a small number of people, but since we’ve been unable to reproduce it internally, we figured we’d reach out and gain as much information as possible. Our hope is to do exactly as you say—to make the bug form as simple and easy to use as possible.

The form was created to help facilitate more complete and thorough reports, which helps our team reproduce and isolate the issues. We have lots of plans for UE5, so stay tuned :wink:

I tried filing a bug multiple times between both Firefox and Chrome, and always got the the spinner spinning endlessly.

After reading the last post in this thread I tried only selecting one UE4 version in the version dropdown, and the bug was sent successfully.

Previously I was selecting the options “4.26” and “4.25 Plus”

Browsers: Firefox and Chrome
OS: Windows 10
No file attachments attempted.
Timezone set to GMT +1, and system language Swedish. The bug reporter URL ends with ?language=en_US

Hello there, I tried sending a bug report about HiddenShadow several times a couple of weeks ago and it just never made it through. Today I tried with another bug, Composure this time, and it went right through. The only thing I did differently was the Version selection option. The Hidden Shadow bug was happening on 4.25 and 4.26, so I selected the 4.25 Plus option, where as the Composure bug is happening only on 4.26, thus I selected the 4.26 option only. So now I went ahead and filled in the HiddenShadow bug once again and this time selected only the 4.26 version option and… it worked!

I hope that helps you guys because this bug reporting is a crucial feature.

In case this helps as well:

  • I use Chrome.
  • I run Windows.
  • I attached a JPG screenshot.
  • I am in Barcelona (Spain) timezone.
  • My computer is set to Spanish language.



Same problem here. I attached a log file and when I clicked on the Submit button, nothing happened( not even an error message). The size of the logfile was 68.0 KB**.**
I tried Chrome and Microsoft Edge on Windows10, neither worked with attachment.
Removing the attachment fixed the issue for me.

Yep same here

Safari in MacOS 11.3. Same as post #7. Hangs indefinitely even without any attachments.

4.26 And Visual studio 2019 .

We just solv this at UnrealSlackers but it might be a bug in 4.26. Adding a Path When you create a C++ class comes up with error . It turns out visual studio finding the wrong location when you open the .cpp file for the .h file . it adding #include(FolderName)/ClassName even when the .h and .cpp its in the same folder :p.

4.25 Runs Fine so it is .26 this started :slight_smile:

Same as post 7. Vivaldi browser. Windows 10. No files. Kyiv time zone. English.
Didn’t submit 2 bugs because of that.

**UPDATE: **if I try other browser (Chrome), it works. But Vivaldi is a good browser on chromium, would be good if you still take a look

I also face problems when trying to submit an issue via the Unreal Engine Community link. Filling in all required fields, including log upload and link to example project. Clicking on “Submit Bug Report” and absulutely nothing happens. I also do not get any error messages, simply nothing happens.

I tested leaving out requiring information or entering a wrong captcha code - in this case I get an error, so the button acutally seems to trigger activities like checking for valid input. Also tried the Edge browser to make sure, it is not related to Firefox - same behavior.

I also did not receive any reception email, so it also does not seem that anything has just been “silently” submitted. Also not having any attachment does not change this.

same i know I’ve tried multiple times and it always fails /chrome/ windows / multiple computers

Please. fill the answers on the following questions. It’s not that hard.

I’d like to add few notes. Make sure JavaSctrips are not blocked on your end. Some AD blockers/antiviruses may affect it. But generally don’t (it does work with uBlock on Chrome and Firefox)

You may try to open the Developer’s Console and hit submit (it may stop at debugger breakpoint, just hit play/continue in this case). Look for errors in the logs.

  • LibreWolf (Firefox fork) and Chromium
  • OS: Arch Linux
  • Yes; I attached a log file but also attempted attaching it as a txt file
  • The file is very small: 3.7 kb
  • No error message
  • CST -5:00
  • English US

Yesterday, I tried 2 times to submit a bug but both times got a spinner for minutes and the bug was never submitted successfully. See screenshot below.

I’ve submitted lots of issues successfully and recently (up to last week). Makes me think this issue is not client side, but some sort of transient server side issue. I see from the URL this is some sort of SalesForce powered form. You probably need to talk to them about it.

  • Firefox 89.0 64-bit
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 21H1 (OS Build 1904.985)
  • Not trying to attach files
  • No error message displayed, just a never ending spinner
  • Timezone is PDT
  • Compute Language is US English

I just tried submitting the bug again today (from the same machine and same browser) and it worked.

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Okay so I have also stumbled into an issue when pressing the submit button does nothing, no error messages, and no spinner.

I have debugged the javascript, and in this case the problem was, that the Attachment file selector accepts a bunch of file types, while internally the JS routine only allows these: " .png, .jpg, .zip, .rar, .7z, .mp4". So I could choose a txt file, but then the script silently failed.

So, two technical things:

  • The allowed file types of the selector should match the ones the JS is checking for
  • And web dev guys should fix the error displaying for the Attachment field
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Ran into the same issue with the bug submission form, hitting the Submit button had no effect.
After removing the .log-file from attachments the form would submit properly.

  • Edge and Firefox
  • Windows 10
  • .log file
  • 84 Kilobyte
  • None
  • 16:25 UTC+2
  • English

Findig would match that previous poster, file type seems to cause the issue.