[BUG?] Sprites behind translucent meshes

Hi, I don’t actually know where this “fail” comes from… I will try to to describe what and when it happens and maybe you would know, what’s wrong or what to fix. So I have a simple arcade game where you are walking and jumping through some kind of maze. I have to make levels for my game and sometimes I place “water” in it. For now, the water blueprint is actually just a box-shaped static mesh with ‘OverlapAll’ collision and its material is made as translucent (in blend mode, as you can see on the picture below)
In the game I have two sprites as a background. The first one is “static” - it moves with character, so on the screen it holds its own position during whole the game. The second one moves a little, so you can see the position differences between these two and it seems, that you are moving. The first one works fine, but the second one sometimes renders wrong. I’m adding two more pictures to show what is wrong…

This is, what it is supposed to work like:
And this is, how it sometimes fails:

From those view it’s not obvious, how the backgrounds are structured, because it’s a 2D / 3D view… This is, how it looks like in a real space:

Both of the background are children of the main character, as you can see on this picture:

Any ideas or questions? And sorry for the handwriting :smiley:

SOLVED (by myself)!! If anyone has the same problem, just go to details of the sprite, find RENDERING, show advanced and modify Translucency Sort Priority (a lower number means that the object is more “far” from you). In my case I must have set the palms sprite to -1 :slight_smile: