[BUG?] SceneCapture 2D and RenderTarget blurs everything in motion

Hey guys,
I’m currently trying to build a Camera Feed, which is shown on the HUD. I’ve got that working so far, but everytime I set the Texture in the details of the SceneCapture all my assets, which are in motion get very very blurry. As soon as I set the Texture to None the blurs disappears, so it has to be sth about the Texture. I looked inside the “BlueprintExamples”-Cameras and set my Texture exactly like they are in the examples.
What can I do to get rid off the Blur? I tried changing “Max Amount” of Post Processing but that changed nothing.
To show you what I’m talking about. Here is a short video showing my point.
Maybe one of you know how to fix that issue. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance Max