[Bug report] No transformation gizmos with mobile preview on

yellow outline for selected objects and transformation gizmos are disappearing after activating mobile/HTML5 preview mode.

Engine version 4.7.2, run from launcher.

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Thank you for your ticket. This is expected behavior of engine. when you use mobile preview, it gives you a preview of what game will look like when it is running on a mobile device. gizmos and yellow lines for selections are only present in editor. If you would like to see what your game is going to look like and still have access to editor functions select “simulate” from drop down next to play button.



It seems that I need to be a bit more specific. This is normal editor view:

And this is option I was writing about (Project and Editor settings → Preview Rendering Level:

same element is selected on both screenshots. Only rotation gizmo works normally in second mode.

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I understand now, and I apologize for confusion.
issue that you are facing is known and a bug report has been entered at UE-6458. This issue is being worked on and I have added myself to list of people watching this bug so that when changes are made, I will be informed and then I will make sure to pass that info along to you.Hopefully we can get your issue worked out soon.

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Can you re-open please. Transform gizmo is not visible in editor when switching to mobile preview. So when trying to edit a level with mobile preview enabled one needs to constantly switch back and forth between preview modes when wanting to move an object. Clearly not desirable and not expected behavior. Also would be nice if preview mode was saved between editing sessions. When working on a mobile game it would be nice to not have to constantly switch preview mode - whenever starting editor and whenever one wants to move an object.

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A resolved issue simply means that we are aware of issue and we have a bug report in our system. We’ll make sure to post here when we see any update on bug.

Hi, Still I have from time to time this issue. After delete all cached and temporary files like Intermediate this problem seems to be solved but only for a while, because after some time translate gizmo is disappears again. UE 4.10.1 (release version).

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Could you please provide me exact reproduction steps to make this happen? I am unable to reproduce this based on information that was provided earlier in this thread.

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For me this also happens, but only when Mobile HDR option is turned off, turning it on will make it work.

I’m having this problem as well (in 4.12.2)…and we’re currently working with Mobile HDR turned off as well.

I see issue is marked as Won’t Fix. From title, I’d agree that it can’t be fixed as selection outline is a complex post-process.

But biggest issue is being unable to see move gizmo.That’s a bug, IMO.

I am able to see move/scale/transform gizmo within editor in ES2. If you are not able to, please open a new question in AnswerHub for additional assistance. Feel free to link back to this question as reference in your new post.


Can you see it if you disable Mobile HDR? It’s kind of a priority item as switching back and forth between Shader 5 and ES2 takes a bit of time to recompile shaders…and it’s impossible to move anything around without gizmo

Yes, I switched between them with Mobile HDR both on and off and I was able to see them.

You may want to submit a new thread if you’re not seeing this in 4.12.5 or 4.13.0 preview 1.

Thank you!

We are also having same issue, it didn’t matter if we have Mobile HDR turned on or off in project settings. At no point do we ever see transformation gizmos in Mobile Preview. As mentioned Akira3d, switching back and forth is incredibly time consuming, and not really a fix. This is occurring in 4.12.5.

I am in 4.13.0 Preview 2 (I’ve already updated) and I have not had an issue with gizmo. I’ve created 2 new projects to check it in.


This is still happening in 4.13, even in new high-end mobile preview rendering mode.


  • move gizmo is completely invisible
  • Rotate gizmo IS working (not sure if this was true in 4.12.2)
  • scale gizmo only renders triangle, not axes or boxes


Well, that’s interesting… after additional testing, I can confirm this is a severe bug. When I tried this on a tiny project that had already “glitched” and widget would not show, now I am unable to get it to show at all even by following my own “fix” above. Even manually exiting launcher from Windows taskbar and reopening project won’t fix it.

I actually have Combined Static and CSM Shadowing disabled in my project