Bug report Material Editor UI

Hello Everyone,

“Update, things seem to disappear just by using them”

I was in the Material Editor today using the new version of UE for the first time.
I noticed as I was trying out different blends and working on the material they were disappearing permanently from the menu.
I figured out that If use them them somethings disappear completely.

This continued until I used all the blends and when that happened, the blends section also disappeared.
I tried other nodes and discovered it happens with others as well but not all of them.
Creating a new material doesn’t solve the problem, the bug is global within the material editor.

The functions/expressions only return after a complete restart which is a relief,
however that means I lose 15 minutes or so every time I forget to hit undo to delete the function I placed and need to use it again.

In closing the behavior is this, If you use certain functions in the Material Editor Blueprint, some functions disappear from usage in material editor globally.
Sometimes they remain in the palette on the right but are gone from the right click menu.
If you leave the editor and come back they will be gone from both menus

Thank you,