[Bug Report] JoinSession doesnt work with warning "Invalid Player State" in 4.7.4

Project migrated form 4.7.3 where join worked fine.

Hi 2rusbekov,

I haven’t been able to reproduce this in 4.7.4. There is a known issue with 4.7.4 that we’re looking into currently (UE-13250) that causes a crash in Multiplayer Shootout, and I’m wondering if this is related. Can you share some screenshots of your BP setup, basically anything that touches JoinSession? Thanks!

I looked Shootout project’s docs and I got same structure.

Hi 2rusbekov,

I still can’t reproduce this in a new project, nor in a project that uses the same setup as Multiplayer Shootout converted from 4.7.3. Does the same thing happen in a new project? If so, would you mind uploading a test project somewhere for me? If not, could you upload your current project so we can take a look at it? I believe this may be fixed by the coming fix for the Multiplayer Shootout crash, but I won’t know for certain unless I can reproduce it. Thanks!

Hi 2rusbekov,

I haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m resolving this post for tracking purposes. Please let us know if you’re still having trouble with this after the 4.7.5 update and provide the information requested above, and we can continue investigating. Thanks!

hey, i have the same problem in 4.82 project converted from 4.2 but then i started a 4.81 from scratch and copied the code and the assets. i can find the session but not able to join

 [2015.07.29-03.42.16:352][588]LogOnline:Verbose: Received 231 bytes from
 [2015.07.29-03.42.21:314][896]LogScript:Warning: Found a session. Ping is 25
 [2015.07.29-03.42.26:083][190]LogScript:Warning: JoinSession - Invalid player state
 [2015.07.29-03.42.26:083][190]LogBlueprintUserMessages: Join Failure
 [2015.07.29-03.42.31:264][511]LogScript:Warning: JoinSession - Invalid player state
 [2015.07.29-03.42.31:264][511]LogBlueprintUserMessages: Join Failure
 [2015.07.29-03.42.38:713][972]LogScript:Warning: JoinSession - Invalid player state

Hey makai,

We’ll look into this on your other post: