[BUG] Render Thread crash using landscape (RTX 2080)

Recently upgraded Vcard (crash happened first time firing up the project after putting new card in - previous card did not have this issue) and after a little debugging pinpointed the issue to the landscape being in the map. Once I pulled the landscape out the game loaded fine again, no issues with thirdpersonexample map. Put the landscape back in and the crash returns.

**EDIT: Created a new World Comp and a fresh map with landscape. Loaded everything fine. Took new sublevel map out and put original sublevel map in… crash. **Fatal error: [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Editor/UnrealEd/Private/EditorServer.cpp] [Line: 1992] World Memory Leaks: 2 leaks objects and packages. See The output above.

Drivers version: 445.87 ( Game Ready

—>Assertion failed: Pair != nullptr [File:D:\Build++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Containers/Map.h] [Line: 566]<—

ntdll 0x0000000086100000 + 9c0f4 KERNELBASE 0x0000000083c80000 + 38b03 UE4Editor-Core 0x000000003f860000 + 4fa86d UE4Editor-RenderCore 0x0000000063a60000 + 10f0b2 VCRUNTIME140 0x000000007b860000 + c1c0 ntdll 0x0000000086100000 + a11cf ntdll 0x0000000086100000 + 6a209 ntdll 0x0000000086100000 + 69fc3 KERNELBASE 0x0000000083c80000 + 3a799 UE4Editor-Core 0x000000003f860000 + 4fa7b6 UE4Editor-Core 0x000000003f860000 + 4fdc58 UE4Editor-Core 0x000000003f860000 + 2b2c7d UE4Editor-Core 0x000000003f860000 + 23fd43 UE4Editor-Core 0x000000003f860000 + 2420c0 UE4Editor-Landscape 0x0000000036520000 + 16f59b UE4Editor-Renderer 0x0000000033990000 + 187e77 UE4Editor-Renderer 0x0000000033990000 + 19ddf9 UE4Editor-Renderer 0x0000000033990000 + 61b808 UE4Editor-Renderer 0x0000000033990000 + 5f962c UE4Editor-Core 0x000000003f860000 + 89ff2 UE4Editor-Core 0x000000003f860000 + 8a393 UE4Editor-RenderCore 0x0000000063a60000 + c5391 UE4Editor-RenderCore 0x0000000063a60000 + ce254 UE4Editor-Core 0x000000003f860000 + 5032ef UE4Editor-Core 0x000000003f860000 + 502f94 KERNEL32 0x0000000084ea0000 + 17bd4 ntdll 0x0000000086100000 + 6ce51
<ThreadName>RenderThread 5</ThreadName>

render preview problem in 4.24 any idea we check 4.24 and 4.25 but both same problem movie render preview not show video but output video is fine any idea preview window size change???