bug related to leap motion

In official plug in,when you put LeapMotioncontroller actor into the unreal world but hand does not show up in the location you put the controller but some location far away.
I found the problem is in Engine/Runtime/LeapMotionController\Source\Private \ LeapMotionHandActor.cpp
at about line 153
PrimitiveComponent->SetRelativeLocationAndRotation(TargetPosition, TargetOrientation, true);

I changed it to:
PrimitiveComponent->SetWorldLocationAndRotation(TargetPosition, TargetOrientation, true)

Now Hand correctly appeared at he location you placed it

any comment from unreal if this is a bug?

Hello ywj7931,

First off thank you for your time and information. This plugin was created by those at Leap Motion. You could go to the Leap link provided below to speak with them about the issue that you are having. However, you may also be able to submit a pull request to the developers on github. I hope that this information helps.

Leap link: https://support.leapmotion.com/home

Pull Request: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/compare/

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