[bug] reimport skeletal mesh doesnt use import settings

Version 4.14.3

1 Import skeletal mesh from 3ds max with Convert Scene checked so it wont be lying on floor

2 Result

3 Click Reimport on Skeletal mesh

4 Result

Hey Xukapy,

I’m only getting the opposite behavior. I import with Convert Scene disabled (comes in laying down), then reimport and it converts to Z up.

Side note: I always suggest modeling/rigging in Z up in you DCC to eliminate any conversion issues on export/import.

It is Z up, 3ds max difference of UE4 is negative Y axis.

Well, still as I said importing settings don’t save (or invert) on reimport

Its not. This bug about scaling. My 3ds max units set to centimeters and exports 1 to 1. My bug is about rotation issues

Hey Xukapy,

I found that this was reported already and can be found here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-38672)

Thanks for reporting it.

Convert Scene covers both scale and rotation. This is actually the same bug. I’ve tested the fix with both scale and rotation issues.

Ok, just make a note that bug affects rotation too please. Thanks for help