[Bug] Post Pocess settings node.

Branch: ‘Binary’ Build from Unreal Launcher

Build Version: 4.5.1 - 2336687

Detailed description of issue:
Hey everyone,
just reporting that i found this “bug” while working with “get settings” and “set settings” nodes from a cast to postprocess_volume. I just right-clicked on struct pin and selected “split struct pin” in both of those nodes and while conecting all of their pins together found that there is one more in “get” that’s not present in “set”. best is to just take a look at screenshot… (i couldn’t test this in 4.6 yet as i’m not porting my project just yet)


Repro Steps:
What i did is just:

  1. get all actors of class and selected PostProcess_Volume as type
  2. and made a ForEachLoop
  3. then casted to PostProcess_Volume from Array Element pin
  4. and from “As Post Process Volume” pin i created both nodes (get settings and set settings)
  5. and just right clicked in their struct type pin and selected “split struct pin”
  6. And compare them
    (I think it’ll be same if you just get a reference for pp volume in level blueprint instead of cast)

Looks like reason you’re getting this is because “Tints” property - in actual fact Lens Flare Tints array - is a static array which cannot be exposed to blueprint and therefore isn’t marked as BlueprintReadWrite. code for splitting struct pins checks CanBeExposed() for struct members on input pins, but not output pins, hence discrepancy.
I’d be inclined to think that it should check CanBeExposed for both input and output pins, but somebody from Epic will need to confirm if this is an oversight or expected behaviour.

Let me know if it isn’t intended and I’ll see about submitting a PR for it.

Hi Meguido and twiddle,

I have created a bug report for this issue (UE-6597). I don’t believe this is intended, but I will let you know when I see an update on bug report. Thanks for reporting issue!

Hey just wanted to let you know that this bug it’s present in pp settings for camera too:

Yes - this is an issue with how any blueprint editor-based window will split and recreate structs. Thanks for confirmation though.