BUG??? Orthographic Camera Bug

am trying to import an image .png as sprite in engine
i was surprised to see that the orthographic camera render darker scene than the original. in viewport it shows the right colors but when in game the came show more darker color than the imported one.

After helping bn_Green work on this for a bit I think there’s some difference between the engine post process settings and the Camera Actor post process settings.


You can test this in 2d Sidescroller demo project

Hello Bn_Green -

I was able to replicate this issue and have reported the bug for further investigation, for reference UE-21283. As soon as we know any additional information I will post back here.

Thank you for your assistance -

Eric Ketchum

Any updates or work around yet?

There are no updates at this time.

Try putting the camera further away. The ortho camera eats things that are too close to it’s actor.