Bug: no lightmaps shown with showflag.dynamicshadows 0

Hey guys,

we are on 4.11.2 here.

I can’t get lightmaps to show when toggling off showflag.dynamicshadows. Neither in the editor viewport, nor in standalone nor in a cooked build. They just seem to be toggled off along with it.

Now I’m rather sure this wasn’t the case in previous engine versions, so I guess this is not intended behavior?

Hi Patrick,

From what I see when testing this with 4.10 and 4.11 I’m seeing the results I would expect.

I used a default level with the stationary directional light and a movable and static object as a test. I set the Stationary Directional Light to have a Dynamic Shadow Distance of 1200 units.

ShowFlag.DynamicShadow 2 (Default)


ShowFlag.DynamicShadow 0


I used a lower lightmap resolution for the floor mesh to easily see the transition between the baked shadow and the dynamic shadow in the default view. I’m not seeing any change in 4.10 - 4.12 that is already available.

If you’re using Stationary Light this is expected behavior for the lightmap to not show when within the range of the dynamic shadow cascades of the Directional light. Since I used a low value for the stationary lights dynamic shadow I can see the transition closer.

There was a ticket entered a while ago because this seemed confusing to some users. The response to the ticket was:

The UI is somewhat confusing because
it makes the two shadow techniques
look like independent systems. They
don’t work like that, the CSM distance
blend is a deferred pass and it cannot
consider per-object properties. So
it’s best to think of it as a single
discrete state, thus to work properly
it requires shadow casters have the
corresponding setup too.

If I’ve misinterpreted what you were asking and there is a difference from a previous version I can look into that if you’ve got additional details to reproduce.

Thank you!