[BUG] Niagara 4.25.1 mesh vertex offset creates black z-fighting area

Using Material Position Offset in a Niagara system, cause black z-fighting style areas appear in all G-Buffers: (Only affect Niagara)

In the material, I only use constant colors for BaseColor, Emissive, and Subsurface. The World Position Offset is just a simple bend operation.

Initially I thought this is normal z-fighting, but it’s not: Static mesh actors are not affected, and, it affects G-Buffer (including Shading Model buffer), two objects with the same orange color shouldn’t z-fight to black Albedo.

This is also not shadow related, turning off all shadows gives no difference.

If anyone has encountered this, what’s the solution to use Vertex Offset Material together with niagara?

Same issue here. Did you ever figured out?