[BUG?] Net Load on Client doesn't work in 4.8

It works fine in PIE, but not in standalone.

To replicate:

  1. Create a new TPP project
  2. Create a new Character blueprint, uncheck Net Load on Client, check Replicates and Replicate Movement.
  3. Spawn a couple of those new characters in level.
  4. Launch a standalone listen server and connect from a standalone client. If you come close to created characters, you will notice that there are in fact two of each, one was spawned on client.

Hi CodeSpartan,

Can you give us some more details for how you set this up? What are you doing to connect, and how/when are you spawning characters? If you can upload a small test project somewhere that displays this behavior, and then get us a download link, that would be ideal. Thanks!

Hi ,

Here’s a demo project: Cahoots — Ann Arbor tech coworking

characters in question are just placed in level.

In p.4 I launched listen server and client from editor shortcuts - as far as I know it’s only way to test standalone client and listen server before packaging.

To create editor shortcuts I just made a shortcut to UE4Editor.exe, added path to my “.uproject file” and below parameters:

For client I used parameters: -game
For listen server: ThirdPersonExampleMap?listen -game

Also, I’ve just tested it in packaged build and I don’t get that problem there. Still, it would be nice if running standalone from editor shortcuts worked correctly again.

Thanks CodeSpartan!

I can see same thing in your project, and I can reproduce it easily in 4.8.0. I’ve entered a bug report (UE-17172), and I’ll let you when I see an update on it. Thanks for report!